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These are all collections from the history 

of my golden life...

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 << COLLEGE    Taken after graduation in
       college. This was the beginning of the
         long journey of my struggle in life ...

unya na ang label ...maghuna-huna sa ko...

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roygrad2.jpg (36892 bytes)   unya sa ang label ...

We are the Region VII delegates of The Outstanding Youth Science Researchers (TOYS)


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roywithbritney.jpg (57608 bytes) << ROY W/ BRITNEY ?  wow!!! This is just a picture created by my dreamssss... yorbs wake up! wake up!!!! HEHEHEHEHE....

"Gi-testingan lang naku ug angayan bako itapad ni Britney. :) "












" Taym sa ha kaon sa ko, tiwason ni naku unya... wapa pa ni mahuman ha"

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